Substance Designer 6

March 21, 2019

Nodes: Clouds 1, Blur, Slope Blur, Blend, and a Mask 

This is an continuation from my "Cracks With Shapes & Warp Node" tip. To add various chisel/chip effects to the cracks we created perviously add these few nodes. Blur "Clouds 1" for a smoother look. Input the final version of your cracks in slot A and the blurred Clouds 1 into slot B of a Slope Blur node. Make sure the samples is at 32 and mode is at "Min".  You can slide the intensity to your liking - I like to stay between 1 and 3. You can use this for something such as tiles (like I have above).

Tip:  Tidy up your graph by docking your nodes with hotkey "D". 


Substance Designer 6

September 22, 2018

Nodes: Blur, Tile Random, Level, Distance, Edge Detect, Directional Warp, Warp.

Using "Tile Random" with the shape set as disc with level and scale variation applied you can create a base for cracks. Apply a "Blur" node to soften the edges. After, take the output from the "Blur" and use that as your input for the "Directional Warp" node. I like to use "Clouds 2" for the intensity input. To add more slopes to your cracks send it through a "Warp" node with "Perlin Noise Zoom" as the intensity input. You can always go to the "Tile Random" node to change up the scale, variation, and position for the base.

Tip: Click your Space Bar to pull up a search menu - this will save you time from scrolling in the library.


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